Looking for God in Harry Potter Review

Looking for God in Harry Potter
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Looking for God in Harry Potter is an updated and improved version of Granger's earlier writing on the subject. Not only is this book up to date with reference to every Potter book Rowling has written, it is also edited in a superior fashion. This book succeeds on a number of fronts: 1) It details the important themes of the Potter books extremely well. This has allowed me to enjoy and appreciate the books much more than when I first helped read Sorcerer's Stone to my son. The Potter stories are great on their own but Looking for God in Harry Potter allows you to see the deep themes Rowling is baking into these stories. I guarantee you will appreciate her writing skill and the books themselves significantly more after reading this guide. 2)This has helped me to reinforce the themes in the Potter books, which are really the great themes we are faced with in life, for my son. It has given me an informed, adult view on Rowling's writing that has created many "teachable moments" with my son.
I consider myself a decent reader but, to be honest, it's amazing how much I missed in Rowling's books that John Granger has captured in great detail. From the themes in each of the Potter books to the hidden meaning of most of the character's names--the detail and analysis will astound you if you are a Potter fan. If you'd like to see a serious treatment of Rowling's world as literature--and benefit from the experience--this is your book.

If you are a Christian reader who has felt a bit guilty in your love (or your children's) for the Potter books I urge you to buy this book. The loud, opposing voices in the Christian media have created a dangerous image for Rowling's stories and you may know people who have warned you not to let Harry Potter into your home. This book gives you the other side of the story and it does it with a great analysis of all the themes. This will help you see why the fears of many people (many of whom have never read a single Harry Potter book) are misplaced. It explains why when you read the books you couldn't see what the negative warnings were all about and indeed, you felt just the opposite.

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For the latest edition of this book that covers all 7 Harry Potter novels, see How Harry Cast His Spell.John Granger, a Christian, a teacher of classic literature, and a father of seven children, explores the surprising reasons J. K. Rowling's books are so popular and examines what the author believes are strong Christian themes throughout the Harry Potter books. Granger helps readers understand the classic literary devices used in the Potter books and contends that Rowling is writing in the tradition of Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Are they just a good read, or do they nourish the soul as well?

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